Hon. Peter Van Loan

Member of Parliament forYork-Simcoe
Official Opposition Shadow Minister for Canadian Heritage and National Historic Sites

Peter Van Loan has been serving York-Simcoe and delivering Change for the Better as the community’s Member of Parliament since first being elected in 2004; he was re-elected in 2008, 2011, and most recently in 2015.

Having held numerous roles in Cabinet under Prime Minister Stephen Harper – most notably as the longest-serving Conservative House Leader in Canadian History – he now holds the role of Shadow Minister for Canadian Heritage and National Historic Sites under Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer.

His priorities are protecting and restoring Lake Simcoe; opposing government waste; and fighting for lower taxes for families in York-Simcoe. Peter is married, and has two children.

Full Biography:
Peter Van Loan has developed a wealth of diverse experience through involvement in the community, in the Progressive Conservative Party, in his professional life as a lawyer and in the academic world. He ran the successful national "Yes" campaign to have Progressive Conservatives approve the establishment of the Conservative Party.

He was first elected in June of 2004, as the Member of Parliament for the new riding of York-Simcoe and was re-elected as the Member of Parliament for York-Simcoe on January 23, 2006. Peter was re-elected as the Member of Parliament for York-Simcoe on October 14, 2008 and appointed the Minister of Public Safety on October 30, 2008. In January 2010 Peter was appointed to the post of Minister of International Trade. He was re-elected again in 2011 as part of the Conservative majority government.

In the previous Parliament, Peter served as Leader of the Government in the House of Commons. Peter has also served as President of the Queen's Privy Council for Canada, Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs and Minister for Sport from 2006-2007, and Leader of the Government in the House of Commons and Minister for Democratic Reform from 2007-2008. Before joining Cabinet, Peter was the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs. In this role, Peter served on the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development, where he focused on democracy promotion.

Peter has been a dedicated member of the Progressive Conservative Party both federally and in Ontario for more than 33 years. Whether as a riding president, campaign manager, event organizer, or candidate/manager trainer, Peter has demonstrated his significant skills and ability to organize and lead others to success. In the successful 2006 election, he served as Caucus Campaign Chair for the Conservative Party.

As president of the Ontario P.C. Party between 1994 and 1998, Peter helped move the party from third place to government. Through his hands on work with ridings to his leadership with members of his executive, he provided knowledge, information, advice and experience to the party.

In a professional capacity, Peter Van Loan was associated with the law firm of Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP and practised municipal and planning law for 16 years. He has an Honours B.A., Masters of Arts in International Relations, Bachelor of Laws as well as a graduate planning degree from the University of Toronto, where he later taught in the Masters Planning Program.

Peter was most recently re-elected on October 19, 2015 and appointed Critic for Canadian Heritage and National Historic Sites in the Conservative Shadow Cabinet. In 2017, he retained this role as Shadow Minister under Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer.

• Member, Georgina Against Garbage 1993-1995
• Former member, Georgina Economic Development Committee
• President, Ontario Progressive Conservative Party 1994-1998
• President, Progressive Conservative Party of Canada 1999-2000
• President, York North Federal P.C. Riding Association 1998-1999
• Former Partner and Chair of Planning and Development Law Group at the national law firm Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP
• Former member Toronto Argonauts Advisory Board
• Adjunct Professor of Planning, University of Toronto
• Member, Ontario Brownfields Advisory Panel 2000
• Chair, Land Use Planning Sub-Committee, Brownfields Panel 2000
• Called to the Bar 1989
• M.Sc.(Pl) Planning, University of Toronto 1993
• M.A., International Relations, University of Toronto 1989
• LL.B., Osgoode Hall Law School 1987 – R.W. Macaulay Scholarship in Land Use Planning
• B.A. (Hons.) Political Science and Geography, University of Toronto 1987 (graduated with distinction)