Liberal Budget 2017 Continues to Raise Taxes and Drive Up the Deficit

Nothing in the Liberal Budget for York-Simcoe Residents

Today the Liberal Government has introduced a budget that will continue to drive up the deficit and raise taxes on the hard working residents of York-Simcoe.

With growing deficits and rising taxes, this Liberal Government has betrayed Canada's middle class. They've broken promises to keep the deficit below $10 billion and balance the budget by 2019. They have betrayed small business owners by increasing pay roll taxes, eliminating the Hiring Tax Credit, and cancelling the reduction in the small business tax rate. They have increased taxes on middle class families with the elimination of the Children's Fitness Tax Credit, the Children's Arts Tax Credit, the Education Tax Credit, and the Textbook Tax Credit. They then went one step further introducing a Carbon Tax that is making every aspect of Canadian life more expensive.

The budget increases the taxes on alcohol and now has included a provision that such taxes will rise every year into the future. Farm insurance is facing a new tax.

“The Liberal economic plan is not working. They are taxing York-Simcoe residents into poverty, as they continue to enact policies that are raising the cost of living on families and seniors. Thanks to the Liberal Carbon Tax, commuters are already feeling the hit to their wallets with a 5 cent per litre increase at the pump, that is expected to grow by another 10-15 cents per litre when implementation is complete,” said MP Peter Van Loan. “Public transit is less of an option. The Liberals are cancelling the Transit Tax Credit.”

Total spending by the Liberal Government is rising to an unprecedented $330 Billion.

Despite the Liberal campaign promise to balance the budget by 2019, instead, the deficit is rising again-to $25.5 Billion, and the national debt to a staggering $667 Billion ($76,229 per family of four).

“The Liberal Government has a spending problem. The typical family’s share of the deficit for this year is $3000 – money that will have to be paid back as future taxes with interest. And for all this out of control spending and tax hikes, there is nothing of apparent benefit to York-Simcoe residents in this budget. Simply put, they cannot afford this Liberal Government.”