The Average MP Spends Almost 10% More

HOLLAND LANDING, ONTARIO - With the House of Commons winding down, public disclosures show that local MP Peter Van Loan is among the lowest spenders in Ottawa. In fact, 80 per cent of Members of Parliament spent more than Van Loan.

The information is reported in Parliament's annual expense report on individual MP's, showing all their expenses including salaries, travel costs, communications, and office expenses. A comparison of these reports revealed that Peter Van Loan spent 9 per cent less than the average Member of Parliament since the last election.

"I have always been focused on keeping my costs low and respecting the taxpayers of York-Simcoe. I have worked hard to serve constituents well and keep them informed while managing costs. I am proud of the Conservative Government's efforts to lower the tax burden on families and residents of York-Simcoe. With hard work we have been able to balance the federal budget, reduce the tax burden to its lowest level in over 50 years, and help Canadians make ends meet," Van Loan said.

Van Loan ranks down at number 231 on the list of MP spending, with 87 per cent of Liberal Members of Parliament spending more than him.