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Canada's Economy Continues to Lead
article - July 30, 2013

As your Member of Parliament, I attend over four hundred community events every year. I do this to support the volunteers who do so much for us, and the causes that matter to them. But it is also the best way that I can stay in touch with what matters to you. At community events, I hear about the issues and concerns that are on your mind. 

Members of Parliament Delivering Results
article - February 9, 2013

Delivering results for the hardworking families of York-Simcoe is always my number one goal as your Member of Parliament. Our government is doing just that. We are delivering on our promise to keep taxes low, and focus on jobs growth and the economy. 

Results Delivered for the Health of Lake Simcoe
article - January 14, 2013

There was good news for the residents of York-Simcoe this past week as I announced that our government is renewing the Lake Simcoe Clean-Up Fund. This delivers on my most important local priority - the health of Lake Simcoe's environment. 

Working Hard for You - Working Harder for You!
article - December 12, 2012

Recently, compiled counts of work in parliament shows that I had the best voting record of the 308 Members in the House of Commons. When first elected as a Member of Parliament, I committed to working hard to deliver results for the residents of York-Simcoe. Our government has delivered on many of our promises. 

Celebrating a Great Canadian Institution - 100 Years of the Grey Cup
article - November 15, 2012

One of our uniquely Canadian institutions is our Grey Cup.  Embraced by Canadians coast-to-coast, who are fans of our own brand of three-down football, it is the only all-Canadian professional sports championship.  It all began on a cloudy day in December of 1909. 

Delivering Results for Families In Need
article - October 17, 2012

Our government has made supporting families and making their lives easier a top priority.  For most families in York-Simcoe we have done so through easing the tax burden and introducing the Children’s Arts and Fitness Tax Credit, this allows families to use more of the money they earn to make their lives better, rather than to pay taxes.